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About Me - London Wedding Photographer Simon Cardwell

Hello, my name’s Simon!

I’m a wedding photographer in Walthamstow, East London.

I capture memories from your happiest moments and make them last.

I live for a good story and have racked up my fair share of anecdotes over the years…not all of them the romantic kind!

Even as a child I had a strong sense of narrative, honed from endless repeat viewings of Star Wars. Swapping the lightsaber for a camera, I started taking photography seriously in 2005 and a few years later decided to ditch the day job to commit full-time to the world of wedding photography.

I’ve shot weddings all over England and beyond. Not quite in galaxies far, far away, but definitely overseas. I love meeting new people and hearing the stories that have led them to this point in time.

I fully believe that weddings should be fun, celebratory events. Couples should enjoy every minute of their day, spending time with the ones they love. No forced poses, no strict schedules. I fit into your day and capture it the way it naturally unfolds – full of laughs, a few tears, and a lot of terrible dancing.

About Me - London Wedding Photographer Simon Cardwell

A Few of My Many Wedding (Mis)Adventures:

Whether it’s in pursuit of the perfect angle or the perfect moment, if I’m your photographer – I’m getting that shot!

In my career to date, I have…

  • Scaled a ladder for a precarious group photo
  • Been hoisted 15 feet in the air by farm machinery
  • Taxied countless guests from the church to the reception
  • Embarked on a last-minute mission into town to help a guest find a cashpoint
  • Hung out of countless windows for family shots
  • Clambered across numerous hotel roofs, some steeper than others
  • Gatecrashed the wrong wedding reception (not my fault!)
  • Buttoned up my fair share of grooms
  • Received a crash course in golf buggy driving
  • Whether I’m hanging out of a window frame or growing steadily more uncomfortable in a tractor bucket, it’s all part of the adventure and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

I may live in London but I have wheels, a passport and a strong sense of adventure.

I’m not just an East London, Kent and Essex wedding photographer – I’m happy to travel anywhere in order to document your day. A few of my stand-out favourites have included Central Park in New York City, Mount Etna in Sicily & St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

It doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a bash in a barn or a soirée in a stately home. I’ve captured ceremonies in fields, hotels, dormant (apparently) volcanoes, cathedrals, back gardens, working men’s clubs and everywhere in between. It would be my absolute pleasure to capture yours.

About Me - London Wedding Photographer Simon Cardwell
About Me - London Wedding Photographer Simon Cardwell
About Me - London Wedding Photographer Simon Cardwell

A little more about me...

I grew up in Darlington in the North East of England and my early days were spent watching Star Wars on VHS, perfecting mix tapes for long car rides and dreaming up excuses as to why my football was lying next to the smashed window of my mum’s greenhouse.

I moved to London in 2004 and have lived all over the city, including Islington, Camden, Ladbroke Grove, Shoreditch, Seven Sisters, and most recently Walthamstow, which is where I’ve decided to settle.

After leafing through a Walker Evans photo book during a road trip in California, I decided to dedicate my life to photography. After getting my first commission in 2007, I decided to quit my day job and embark on a career that has seen me shoot everything from fashion to sports, album covers, headshots, corporate, live music…and weddings.

From that very first photography gig through to the present day, I have never lost sight of the fact that I am very lucky to do what I do.